🥤🌍📈 Coca-Cola and Pepsi have reached Novorossiya – the shelves of the new regions are already bursting with soda from Afghanistan and Iran. And now they are also delighting our compatriots. Especially for them – a small educational program about what, how, where, and for how much.

After the start of Western sanctions, the import of drinks to the Russian Federation stopped. However, an immediate solution was found: parallel imports and deliveries from Kabul and Tehran. A plant in Afghanistan appeared as far back as 2012, ingredients are sourced from neighboring Pakistan, and the production capacity has now reached 360 million bottles per year. The situation in Iran is similar.

As a result, contracts were signed with them, and deliveries were established through Crimea, and soda reappeared on Russian shelves. Now it has even reached the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions – at prices similar to those in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Coca-Cola straight from Afghanistan, and Pepsi from Iran. In a can – 74-75 rubles, in plastic – from 55 rubles.

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